Pizzeria Limone – Caprese

I decided to try something a bit different today. Pizzeria Limone has a variety of fairly unique pizzas, and I felt like I had to try one. I didn’t like this one. The oils added were way overdone, and the tomato made up too much of the pizza. It wasn’t terrible, but I certainly would have preferred something else.

I also tried a couple slices of their Pera pizza, which has thinly sliced pears on it. That one was pretty good, but still not quite what I’m into.

Arby’s Pizza Slider

Arby’s has a Pizza Slider for a limited time! Of course I had to try it.

It’s pretty good! There’s definitely more meat than I expected, but that kind of makes sense considering the relative thickness to the “crust”. It reminded me quite a bit of the Which Wich Pepperoni Pizzawich. The sauce makes it a bit hard to keep together, since the bread slides against the meat too much. Overall though, surprisingly good for $1.

Chuck E Cheese’s Pepperoni

They changed the crust some time in the last few years… It’s still pretty good though. I have such strong memories of the old crust though.

My sister wanted a fun birthday party (she’s 19 :P) so we went to CEC.

Churro Pizza – Pizza Pie Cafe

The pizza of the month at Pizza Pie Cafe is a churro desert pizza. I had somewhat low expectations, but it’s actually really good! It was slightly doughy, but the flavor was perfect. The cheese sticks were particularly good today too. Possibly slightly too much cheese, but overall they were great.

PPC and Red Baron Brick Oven Crust

We went to Pizza Pie Cafe in Highland, UT again today. We tried to go yesterday, but it was unusually crowded, so we got Popeye’s instead. Good chicken. PPC’s current pizza of the month is a brownie-type-thing that’s not too bad. Last month’s was a really Valentine’s-themed good sugar cookie. Likely my favorite food at Pizza Pie Cafe are the cheese sticks. Today’s were all right, but not great. The amount of cheese has to be just right for them to really be amazing, and there was a noticeable lack of cheese on the cheese sticks this time around.

Dinner was a Red Baron brick oven crust three-meat pizza again. These are really incredibly good. I don’t know what they do to the brick oven crusts, but they have so much flavor… it’s really a great pizza. It had an unusually large amount of ham this time, but it was still really good.

This post was incredibly rambly. I think I need more sleep. Probably more pizza too.

Pier 49 Pizza, American Fork UT

Pier 49 makes really good sourdough crust pizza. They’re a bit pricey, but the quality is very consistent, and they have a wide range of topping choices. Their “Trolly” 3-meat pizza is probably my favorite, but the “49er” double pepperoni is really good too.