Digiorno Croissant Crust Pepperoni

This is a bit of an interesting one. I don’t generally like Digiorno, but that’s usually because I don’t like their crusts. With this one though, the crust is very different from a typical frozen pizza, being fairly croissant-like.

If you do try one of these, they recommend baking it directly on an oven rack, but I do recommend being cautious as mine ended up dropping a lot of cheese that burned, affecting the overall flavor a bit. I thought I’d cleared the edges well enough but some still fell from where I held the pizza when putting it in the oven.

It’s not bad! The unique crust is a pretty noticeable difference, making this much better than a typical Digiorno pizza to me. The cheese, sauce, and pepperoni are all fairly typical, but with the weird crust, it works quite well all together. I’d recommend it if you want to try something a bit different, though I’ll stick with my Red Baron Brick Oven crust for my larger frozen pizza needs.

2 thoughts on “Digiorno Croissant Crust Pepperoni

  1. The person that suggested to put the pizza right on the oven rack with nothing under it is a complete idiot! Talk about a f***ing mess. I blame myself for actually being dumb enough to believe that the pizza may keep its shape. Iโ€™m done with Digiorno brand!

    1. Some pizzas that suggest baking directly on the rack have turned out just fine for me, but yeah this one didn’t work out well.

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