Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni

It had been a while since I’d tried the Red Baron Classic Crust, so I decided to bake one. I ran into the same issue I’ve often had, where the crust doesn’t bake quite as quickly as the ingredients. I baked it on a pan, rather than on the rack as the directions recommend, but didn’t expect it to go as poorly as it did. The crust was still very doughy on the bottom when it was baked just about right on the top.

I’d recommend actually baking the Classic Crust pizzas right on the rack to avoid that issue, as it’s one I’ve run in to quite a lot. When it’s baked right, it’s a really good pizza. Baked wrong, it’s terrible.

California Pizza Kitchen – Sicilian Recipe

When you’re in the mood for a good thin crust frozen pizza, you can’t go wrong with California Pizza Kitchen. I think their Signature Pepperoni is my favorite, but the Sicilian Recipe is really good.

The spicy ham and salami with mozzarella and Fontina cheese is a delicious combination with just the right amount of spice. The crust is simple but excellent, and hard to bake wrong. Overall a great pizza.


National Pizza Day!

We had some Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust and cheese sticks delivered! First time ordering pizza in our new house, and it was really good. I was particularly surprised by the quality with the likely significant increase in sales today. Great pizza!


Pizza Hut, American Fork UT

We’ve got a busy week at work, so we had pizza delivered to save some time. We ordered two stuffed-crust pizzas and some cheese sticks, all of which were really good. The crust is slightly thinner than at the Orem location, but still pretty good. I definitely prefer the Hut Favorite seasoning to the Garlic Buttery Blend flavor, but it’s not bad.


Late-night Domino’s

I had some Domino’s again last night. I ordered pretty late, so they probably didn’t want to put much effort into the pizza. It was still pretty good, but not quite up to the amazingness of most Domino’s pizzas. The stuffed cheese bread was incredible though.