Village Baker – Stromboli Pizza

A different pizza from last time, also catered lunch from my work. This one’s pretty good! I think my ideal pizza would be somewhere between the two, since an all-meat pizza isn’t really my preference, but the white sauce on the last one wasn’t really for me either.

A supreme pizza with a bit of meat and a bit of veggies on a tomato-based sauce is really my ideal pizza ,but this one is quite good!

Motor City Pizza Co. – Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pepperoni

I generally like a Detroit-style Deep Dish. I’ve never been big on the Chicago style, but the Detroit style with the thick crust can be really good when done well.

This one is pretty good! The photo on the box looks horrible, but the actual pizza turned out really nice. Good amount of cheese and pepperoni, and while the crust is very basic it’s not bad. Overall I’m fairly happy with this one and will probably be having it again.

Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria

I went to lunch here with my team at work this week. It was interesting, definitely a lot of unique pizza options but nothing I really liked overall. They had milkshakes that looked really good but I only tried the pizza. The pizza was fine, but nothing I’d go out of my way to get again. It had really thin soft crust that didn’t really support the toppings, and wasn’t particularly great.

I may go back just to try a milkshake at some point but I don’t think I’ll bother with the pizza.

Yachty’s Pizzeria – Pepperoni & Bacon Pizza

Another new frozen pizza, this time from rapper Lil Yachty!

This pizza is amazing. It looks beautiful, with a thick soft crust and loads of pepperoni and bacon. It also tastes great, with lots of crust flavor and a wonderful balance of everything. Definitely recommended, this is a really good pizza, I’m going to need to try the Veggie Supreme soon.

Little Caesar’s Slices-N-Stix

I’ve always really liked the Italian Cheese Bread from Little Caesar’s, but unless you’re feeding a few people it can be a lot of food to get an ICB, a pizza, and (as you always must) Crazy Bread. The Slices-N-Stix is a great alternative option! This is a neat pizza that is half pepperoni pizza, half Italian Cheese Bread. It’s a thinner crust than the original ICB, but it’s still really good.

I definitely recommend it if you like the ICB but also want some good old pizza. And if you haven’t tried the Italian Cheese Bread before, you should! It’s a bit overpriced but great.