Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pepperoni and Sausage

The last time I tried to buy a stuffed crust pizza, the Pizza Hut location I was at didn’t offer stuffed crust. I was so disappointed I ended up getting Domino’s instead. I’ve had a lot of pizzas since then, but I’ve really wanted more stuffed crust, so here we are.

This one’s all right. It was made a bit thinner than usual. Pizza Hut does this somewhat frequently, I assume it stems from stretching the crust to double it up on the edges but not having enough dough to begin with. The pepperoni and sausage are a decent combination, though I think I actually prefer plain pepperoni.

Pizza Hut – Supreme Stuffed Crust

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizzas are amazing. I typically stick with just pepperoni, sometimes adding sausage or something like that, but I usually don’t add many toppings. This time though, Pizza Hut was running a 50% off any menu-priced pizza promotion, so I had to get something a bit more exciting. This is an excellent pizza. As usual, I went with the Hut Favorite seasoning, and the combination of toppings complemented the cheese in the crust really nicely.

Seriously just go eat some Pizza Hut. It’s good stuff.

Perfect Pizza Hut

I just got what might be the best-made Pizza Hut pizza I’ve ever had. A perfect stuffed crust pepperoni with the excellent Hut Favorite seasoning. Apparently it pays off to order between normal meal times so they’re not as rushed when making your order. It’s really good.

National Pizza Day!

We had some Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust and cheese sticks delivered! First time ordering pizza in our new house, and it was really good. I was particularly surprised by the quality with the likely significant increase in sales today. Great pizza!


Pizza Hut, American Fork UT

We’ve got a busy week at work, so we had pizza delivered to save some time. We ordered two stuffed-crust pizzas and some cheese sticks, all of which were really good. The crust is slightly thinner than at the Orem location, but still pretty good. I definitely prefer the Hut Favorite seasoning to the Garlic Buttery Blend flavor, but it’s not bad.


Pizza Hut, Orem UT

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza is amazing. Add a few toppings and the Hut Favorite seasoning and you’ve got a near-perfect pizza. It’s often a bit too greasy for my liking, but you can never really go wrong with a stuffed crust pizza.

This one was great. It was cooked just about perfectly, with the right crust thickness, and the right amount of cheese both in the crust and on top. Both of the Pizza Hut locations in Orem consistently make a great stuffed crust pizza, but I have seen a few locations make it far too thin, which kind of ruins it.

And of course, you have to pair it with the cheese sticks. Pizza Hut’s cheese sticks, when baked right, are really good. I wouldn’t say they’re the best breadsticks out there, but they’re definitely one of the best options. The rest of Pizza Hut’s breadstick options are… okay. The plain breadsticks are far too dry, and the cinnamon sticks are really only good fresh—when you’d rather be eating pizza.