Kirkland Signature Take & Bake Pepperoni

I’ve never been a huge fan of Costco’s pizzas. Their food court pizzas taste very cheap, and are never baked quite right, and their Take & Bake pizzas are decent, but fairly bland. This one wasn’t much different. The pepperoni and cheese were all right, but, like many pizzas, the crust was disappointing. Not a bad value since it’s fairly large and wasn’t very expensive, but there are much tastier pizzas out there.

Sabatasso’s Pizza Singles

I bought a 12-pack of these things. They’re fairly small, and cheaply made, but actually fairly decent! For the price, I think they’re some of the best value frozen pizzas I’ve had. I tried both the 4-cheese and pepperoni ones today, and they were both pretty good. The pepperoni was a bit sparse, but the cheese, sauce, and crust were all just about right. They definitely left me feeling a bit hungry, so I think I’m going to have two more tonight ๐Ÿ˜›

Digiorno Pizzeria Primo Pepperoni Pizza

I generally don’t like Digiorno pizzas. I find the crusts particularly bad, and the quality never lives up to the price, but they have enough options I figured one of them had to be good. This was it.

On the box, this looked like it’d have a fairly thin crust, but it was actually about the same as most of their other pizzas. Overall, it actually tastes quite similar to the Freschetta pizza I tried a while ago, which is great! The toppings have quite a bit of flavor, the crust is satisfying, and it baked perfectly. Not bad! I may actually try more Digiorno pizzas again in the future.

Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza – Combination

This is a pizza advertised as being “over 2 lbs.” I’m not sure if that’s something I want in a pizza or not, but either way this thing is pretty serious! It includes two seasoning packets, “Italian Spice” and “Crushed Pepper”. I went with the Italian Spice and baked it on a pan, which they recommend if you want a softer crust. Overall, this is really good. The crust is fairly thick and dense, and it has pretty decent cheese, sauce, and meat. This is probably the most pizza you can get for around $5 frozen.