Great Value Mini Deep Dish

At this point it’s quite rare to see a frozen pizza I haven’t covered on this blog before. This is one of them! It comes in a variety of choices, including pepperoni, three-meat, and supreme. I got the supreme, and it’s really good!

It’s $4 for 4 small ~4″ pizzas, which isn’t as good of a deal as a Totinos’ Party Pizza, but for something a bit more interesting it’s not a bad deal either. I’d definitely recommend them if you want an alternative to the Red Baron mini deep dish pizzas… I’d maybe even say I prefer these ones.

Two Jack’s Pizza – Provo, Utah

I’ve heard lots of good things about Two Jack’s, so it was about time I tried it. I got a 2-topping pizza with pepperoni and sausage/olives, and cheese sticks.

So those cheese sticks. Never has there been a more delicious pile of cheese. They’re perfect. A ton of cheese, and a light garlic accent.

The pizza is excellent too. The crust leaves a bit to be desired, but the toppings are exellent quality. It pales in comparison to the cheese sticks, but it’s still great pizza.

Papa John’s Pan Crust Pepperoni

I got an ad for a local pizza restaurant that looked a bit disappointing, but it made me hungry for pizza (though what doesn’t), so I decided to try something new from Papa John’s. I’ve never been a huge fan of their pizza, though I don’t really have any complaints about it either. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s pretty good in general. This pan crust pizza is no different. It’s good, simple, quality pizza, but nothing really stands out about it. The cheese sticks are good though.

Budge’s THRIVE Pizza

Our IT department had a pizza party at work today and things got a little crazy. I work for a freeze-dried food company, Thrive Life, which makes a wide variety of delicious freeze-dried foods. Our chairman, Jason Budge, joined us and made a very unique pizza. This is a grocery store pre-baked crust with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, black olives, and… THRIVE freeze-dried Greek Yogurt Bites and Fuji Apple Slices . Certainly not a typical pizza, but Thrive Life isn’t a typical food company.

I didn’t try the pizza myself, but I was told the part with the Fuji Apple Slices was actually decent. The Greek Yogurt Bites didn’t quite work with the cheese and tomato sauce, but are apparently really good toasted on their own, so I’ll definitely be trying that as a snack in the future.

Pepperoni Pizza Lunchables

This is technically a pizza.

Lunchables are a weird food. They’re very cheap ingredients you have to put together yourself to make something that vaguely resembles a meal, and yet they’re really good for some reason. They don’t really taste good, they don’t look very good, but there’s something fun and nostalgic about a Lunchables pizza.

Sadly it’s not very much food, so I’m going to eat an actual meal now.