Little Caesar’s Slices-N-Stix

I’ve always really liked the Italian Cheese Bread from Little Caesar’s, but unless you’re feeding a few people it can be a lot of food to get an ICB, a pizza, and (as you always must) Crazy Bread. The Slices-N-Stix is a great alternative option! This is a neat pizza that is half pepperoni pizza, half Italian Cheese Bread. It’s a thinner crust than the original ICB, but it’s still really good.

I definitely recommend it if you like the ICB but also want some good old pizza. And if you haven’t tried the Italian Cheese Bread before, you should! It’s a bit overpriced but great.

Extra Most Bestest Stuffed Crust – Little Caesar’s

There was a time not that long ago, before Hot-N-Ready, when it seemed Little Caesar’s was destined to fail. After Hot-N-Ready, they just didn’t stop. Some of the time this went really poorly, like with their Pretzel Crust, but other times it was incredible, like the Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish (which was probably the best pizza I’ve ever had). This one though… it’s just about perfect. The Extra Most Bestest is already such a great pizza for such a great price that it’s hard to improve on, but adding a bit more cheese in the crust makes all the difference. The price goes up from $6 to $9, but that’s still a great price compared to the competing stuffed crust pizzas.