Little Caesar’s – Extra Most Bestest

Little Caesar’s makes excellent pizza for the price and speed that you can get it. The quality is fairly inconsistent, but it’s hard to complain about a $5 pizza you can get in under a minute. The Extra Most Bestest pizza improves on their regular Hot ‘N’ Ready, adding more cheese and pepperoni, for another dollar. At only $6, it’s a really good pizza. This one was a bit undercooked and had too much sauce for my taste, but was still enjoyable. Sometimes you just need a cheap pizza with a lot of cheese, and this is the best one around.

Pizza Hut – Supreme Stuffed Crust

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizzas are amazing. I typically stick with just pepperoni, sometimes adding sausage or something like that, but I usually don’t add many toppings. This time though, Pizza Hut was running a 50% off any menu-priced pizza promotion, so I had to get something a bit more exciting. This is an excellent pizza. As usual, I went with the Hut Favorite seasoning, and the combination of toppings complemented the cheese in the crust really nicely.

Seriously just go eat some Pizza Hut. It’s good stuff.