Red Baron French Bread Singles

French bread, but also a pizza. They’re pretty good! These are somewhat interesting to cook. You’re supposed to microwave them for 2 minutes before putting them in the oven for another 8, but it seemed to work fine.

I definitely prefer a regular pizza crust, but when you want something a bit different, but still want pizza, these aren’t a bad option.


DiGiorno Three Meat Stuffed Crust

DiGiorno really tries. They have a stuffed crust frozen pizza, which is awesome! I just don’t really like it. It’s possible I’ve never cooked it quite right, but I’ve never had the crust set up quite right. The amount of cheese in the crust is also quite disappointing if you’re used to Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza, which is basically the best thing in the universe.

Overall it’s not a bad pizza, but it’s not worth the price when you can get a Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza for only a couple dollars more.


DiGiorno Thin Crispy Crust

DiGiorno makes decent frozen pizzas. This isn’t one of them. It’s quite expensive for only being about 7×7” square. The crust, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni all taste very cheap. Not a great pizza. I do think I baked this one wrong, so I will try it again some time, but I wasn’t impressed.

Also I wouldn’t even consider this a “thin” crust. It’s one of the thickest pizzas I’ve had in a while.


Pier 49 Pizza, American Fork UT

Pier 49 makes really good sourdough crust pizza. They’re a bit pricey, but the quality is very consistent, and they have a wide range of topping choices. Their “Trolly” 3-meat pizza is probably my favorite, but the “49er” double pepperoni is really good too.


Red Baron Brick Oven Crust

I’ve eaten a ridiculous number of Red Baron pizzas in my lifetime. The brick oven crust pizzas are really good. My least favorite part of most Red Baron pizzas is the crust, but the brick oven crust has much more flavor and usually has a much better consistency, even when slightly under- and over-cooked.

Tonight’s pizza was slightly over-cooked since I was distracted watching the Nintendo Switch announcement (which was awesome), but it still tasted excellent.


Pepperoni Pizza Lunchables

This is technically a pizza.

Lunchables are a weird food. They’re very cheap ingredients you have to put together yourself to make something that vaguely resembles a meal, and yet they’re really good for some reason. They don’t really taste good, they don’t look very good, but there’s something fun and nostalgic about a Lunchables pizza.

Sadly it’s not very much food, so I’m going to eat an actual meal now.


Pizza Hut, Orem UT

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza is amazing. Add a few toppings and the Hut Favorite seasoning and you’ve got a near-perfect pizza. It’s often a bit too greasy for my liking, but you can never really go wrong with a stuffed crust pizza.

This one was great. It was cooked just about perfectly, with the right crust thickness, and the right amount of cheese both in the crust and on top. Both of the Pizza Hut locations in Orem consistently make a great stuffed crust pizza, but I have seen a few locations make it far too thin, which kind of ruins it.

And of course, you have to pair it with the cheese sticks. Pizza Hut’s cheese sticks, when baked right, are really good. I wouldn’t say they’re the best breadsticks out there, but they’re definitely one of the best options. The rest of Pizza Hut’s breadstick options are… okay. The plain breadsticks are far too dry, and the cinnamon sticks are really only good fresh—when you’d rather be eating pizza.