Red Baron Thin & Crispy Pepperoni

Red Baron pretty much always makes a good pizza. This one is no exception.

The thin crust has a very similar flavor and feel to the Red Baron Classic Crust pizza, and the toppings match it just about perfectly. If you’re in the mood for a thin crust pizza and like the Red Baron flavor, this is a great option.

Compared with something like the California Pizza Kitchen Signature Pepperoni pizza, Red Baron’s feels a bit plain, but since I’ve had a hard time finding CPK’s Pepperoni lately, this is good enough.

Pizzeria Limone – Caprese

I decided to try something a bit different today. Pizzeria Limone has a variety of fairly unique pizzas, and I felt like I had to try one. I didn’t like this one. The oils added were way overdone, and the tomato made up too much of the pizza. It wasn’t terrible, but I certainly would have preferred something else.

I also tried a couple slices of their Pera pizza, which has thinly sliced pears on it. That one was pretty good, but still not quite what I’m into.

DiGiorno Cheese Stuffed Crust Pepperoni – Personal Size

DiGiorno pizzas aren’t usually that great, since they never seem to bake quite right. I figured I’d try a smaller one since it’d be easier to bake properly, and it worked! This one is actually pretty good! It’s the same pizza as their full-sized stuffed crust pepperoni, but much, much smaller. Thanks to it’s small size, it baked all the way through much more consistently, and was much more enjoyable than the others I’ve had. Overall it’s still not incredible, but if you’re in the mood for a stuffed crust pizza and don’t feel like getting Pizza Hut, this is a great option.