Red Baron Thin & Crispy Supreme

This one’s super similar to the Thin & Crispy Pepperoni I posted a few years ago. As usual, Red Baron makes an excellent pizza. If you’re into the thin crusts, this is a great choice.

I generally prefer thicker crusts, and Red Baron’s Brick Oven crust is definitely my first choice from them, but this one along with their classic crust are still great options.

Not much to say, really. It’s a good pizza.

PPC and Red Baron Brick Oven Crust

We went to Pizza Pie Cafe in Highland, UT again today. We tried to go yesterday, but it was unusually crowded, so we got Popeye’s instead. Good chicken. PPC’s current pizza of the month is a brownie-type-thing that’s not too bad. Last month’s was a really Valentine’s-themed good sugar cookie. Likely my favorite food at Pizza Pie Cafe are the cheese sticks. Today’s were all right, but not great. The amount of cheese has to be just right for them to really be amazing, and there was a noticeable lack of cheese on the cheese sticks this time around.

Dinner was a Red Baron brick oven crust three-meat pizza again. These are really incredibly good. I don’t know what they do to the brick oven crusts, but they have so much flavor… it’s really a great pizza. It had an unusually large amount of ham this time, but it was still really good.

This post was incredibly rambly. I think I need more sleep. Probably more pizza too.

Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni

It had been a while since I’d tried the Red Baron Classic Crust, so I decided to bake one. I ran into the same issue I’ve often had, where the crust doesn’t bake quite as quickly as the ingredients. I baked it on a pan, rather than on the rack as the directions recommend, but didn’t expect it to go as poorly as it did. The crust was still very doughy on the bottom when it was baked just about right on the top.

I’d recommend actually baking the Classic Crust pizzas right on the rack to avoid that issue, as it’s one I’ve run in to quite a lot. When it’s baked right, it’s a really good pizza. Baked wrong, it’s terrible.

Red Baron French Bread Singles

French bread, but also a pizza. They’re pretty good! These are somewhat interesting to cook. You’re supposed to microwave them for 2 minutes before putting them in the oven for another 8, but it seemed to work fine.

I definitely prefer a regular pizza crust, but when you want something a bit different, but still want pizza, these aren’t a bad option.


Red Baron Brick Oven Crust

I’ve eaten a ridiculous number of Red Baron pizzas in my lifetime. The brick oven crust pizzas are really good. My least favorite part of most Red Baron pizzas is the crust, but the brick oven crust has much more flavor and usually has a much better consistency, even when slightly under- and over-cooked.

Tonight’s pizza was slightly over-cooked since I was distracted watching the Nintendo Switch announcement (which was awesome), but it still tasted excellent.