Strap Tank Brewery – Pepperoni

Strap Tank is a local restaurant and brewery in Utah that has a decent selection of good food. This is a pizza blog though, so we got the pizza!

This $13 pizza is fairly large, with a good thin crust. It’s fairly average in flavor, topping amount, and general quality, with nothing in particular standing out. It somewhat reminds me of the Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza I had a few years ago, but a bit thinner and much bigger/greasier. Overall not at all a bad value, but nothing really notable.

I also got their locally-crafted root beer to go with it, and it’s really good! It’s not quite as good as the Blue Sky root beer I often get at MOD Pizza, but it’s still great. I don’t know that I’ll order this pizza again, though I may try their Supreme at some point for something with a bit more flavor, and I’ll likely try some of their non-pizza foods too.