Village Baker – Pizza Italiano

My employer has catered lunches once a week. This week it was pizza from Village Baker.

This pizza is pretty good! I don’t usually go for a white sauce, but it works well on this one. Good selection of toppings, and a great overall flavor. I’d definitely recommend it, and I look forward to trying their other specialty pizzas!

Urban Pie Pizza Co. – Uncured Pepperoni & Sliced Chicken Sausage

There’s a lot going on with this pizza. It has pepperoni, chicken, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and a variety of cheeses on a thin, crispy crust. Like most thin crust pizzas, I baked it directly on the oven rack without a pan, though I personally prefer the softer result of using a pan even with pizzas like this. I think I’d like this one more if I’d baked it with a pan, but it’s pretty good!

If you’re the type that enjoys a good mix of premium toppings on a crispy crust, this pizza is definitely worth a try. The variety of toppings works together really well, and is a welcome change from the typical generic pepperoni and supreme options found in other frozen pizzas.

One Bite – Supreme Stone Baked Crust Pizza

This company is doing incredibly sketchy things, including violating labor laws. Avoid them.

It’s a new frozen pizza! This one is from Barstool Sports, and it’s pretty good! A pretty decent crust, and good quality toppings.

As far as supreme frozen pizzas go, this is a great option if you’re looking for something pretty typical. I like it more than the somewhat disappointing Red Baron supreme pizza, it definitely has more toppings and they’re much better. It’s a bit on the small side but it’s a good pizza.

Digiorno Rising Crust Pepproni

Back with another basic Digiorno pizza, and this time it’s full-size! This is a pretty good pizza. I still don’t love the Digiorno crust flavor, but apart from that there’s not really anything negative about it. It’s big, has a great thick crust, decent cheese and pepperoni, and is just generally great. If you like the Digiorno crust flavor, this is probably one of the best frozen pizzas for you.

Red Baron Supreme Classic Crust

I’ve previously covered the Red Baron Thin & Crispy Supreme as well as the Deep Dish Singles version. This is the good old classic crust variant!

It’s not bad, but honestly Red Baron’s Brick Oven crust is just so much better, and the toppings on this were quite limited compared with what you might get from a proper supreme pizza elsewhere, with really just some mushy peppers and a tiny bit of pepperoni. It’s fine but they have better.

Digiorno Traditional Pepperoni – 9oz

Every now and then I notice there’s another frozen pizza I haven’t tried yet. Often it’s some weird $1 thing that’ll probably not really be edible, but sometimes it’s not too bad.

For a 9.3 oz (263g) pizza, the $3.50 price is quite steep, especially when you can get 4 Totino’s Party Pizzas for ~$5, and you get 15% more food in each pizza than this one pizza alone. This is definitely a generally higher-quality pizza than something from Totino’s, but I’d find it hard to justify being almost triple the price per pizza when it’s far too small to be a meal on its own. For another dollar, you can get a 23.5oz (664g) Red Baron pizza that’s easily enough for a full meal for most people, and that can include many more toppings for the same price.

I also just don’t really care for Digiorno’s crust. It’s a very bland, dry crust. It’s definitely better than Totino’s, but I’d pick a Red Baron Brick Oven crust over any Digiorno crust (even the stuffed ones). Overall though, if you ignore the poor cost to pizza ratio, this isn’t a bad pizza. For a quick addition to a full meal, it’s quite satisfying, but will definitely leave you wanting more than you got.

Red Baron Stuffed Crust Pepperoni

I’ve always liked stuffed crust pizzas, and Red Baron has always been one of my favorite frozen pizza brands. I was happy to see they just launched a stuffed crust option!

This is a pretty good pizza overall. The shape is a bit different, it’s a rectangular pizza with the cheese-stuffed parts on the longer sides. It has a soft, fairly thin crust, that’s a bit flour-y but not bad. The stuffed crust part is decent, but not at the same level as a Pizza Hut stuffed crust, which I still consider the best option for stuffed crust.

I would recommend trying this one, but I think I still prefer the Red Baron Brick Oven crust pepperoni over this. I’ll likely buy them every now and then, but if you really want an excellent stuffed crust pizza, Pizza Hut is where it’s at.