California Pizza Kitchen White Recipe

I wasn’t sure what I’d think about this one. It has spinach and a selection of cheeses on top of a creamy garlic sauce, on a thin crust. The cheese sounds great, the garlic sounds okay, and the spinach… well I don’t particularly care for that. Oddly, it tastes fairly flavorless overall. Compared to a typical pizza covered in toppings, this one just kind of tastes unfinished, like it needed something more. It’s not necessarily bad, but it definitely isn’t the kind of pizza I care for. I’ll probably go eat something else instead.

Red Baron Thin & Crispy Pepperoni

Red Baron pretty much always makes a good pizza. This one is no exception.

The thin crust has a very similar flavor and feel to the Red Baron Classic Crust pizza, and the toppings match it just about perfectly. If you’re in the mood for a thin crust pizza and like the Red Baron flavor, this is a great option.

Compared with something like the California Pizza Kitchen Signature Pepperoni pizza, Red Baron’s feels a bit plain, but since I’ve had a hard time finding CPK’s Pepperoni lately, this is good enough.

DiGiorno Cheese Stuffed Crust Pepperoni – Personal Size

DiGiorno pizzas aren’t usually that great, since they never seem to bake quite right. I figured I’d try a smaller one since it’d be easier to bake properly, and it worked! This one is actually pretty good! It’s the same pizza as their full-sized stuffed crust pepperoni, but much, much smaller. Thanks to it’s small size, it baked all the way through much more consistently, and was much more enjoyable than the others I’ve had. Overall it’s still not incredible, but if you’re in the mood for a stuffed crust pizza and don’t feel like getting Pizza Hut, this is a great option.

Sabatasso’s Pizza Singles

I bought a 12-pack of these things. They’re fairly small, and cheaply made, but actually fairly decent! For the price, I think they’re some of the best value frozen pizzas I’ve had. I tried both the 4-cheese and pepperoni ones today, and they were both pretty good. The pepperoni was a bit sparse, but the cheese, sauce, and crust were all just about right. They definitely left me feeling a bit hungry, so I think I’m going to have two more tonight 😛

Digiorno Pizzeria Primo Pepperoni Pizza

I generally don’t like Digiorno pizzas. I find the crusts particularly bad, and the quality never lives up to the price, but they have enough options I figured one of them had to be good. This was it.

On the box, this looked like it’d have a fairly thin crust, but it was actually about the same as most of their other pizzas. Overall, it actually tastes quite similar to the Freschetta pizza I tried a while ago, which is great! The toppings have quite a bit of flavor, the crust is satisfying, and it baked perfectly. Not bad! I may actually try more Digiorno pizzas again in the future.

Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza – Combination

This is a pizza advertised as being “over 2 lbs.” I’m not sure if that’s something I want in a pizza or not, but either way this thing is pretty serious! It includes two seasoning packets, “Italian Spice” and “Crushed Pepper”. I went with the Italian Spice and baked it on a pan, which they recommend if you want a softer crust. Overall, this is really good. The crust is fairly thick and dense, and it has pretty decent cheese, sauce, and meat. This is probably the most pizza you can get for around $5 frozen.

Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza

I have found the most generic pizza ever. It doesn’t have any brand name on the front of the box at all, just a small logo on the back for “Frozen Specialties, Inc”. When I first took it out of the box, it looked… terrible. There was hardly any cheese, and calling it a “pepperoni” pizza with the amount of “pepperoni” on it is kind of pathetic. Once baked though, it smelled a lot like a Totino’s Party Pizza, and actually tastes semi-decent. I’d certainly prefer a Totino’s over one of these, but if you want an incredibly generic cheap pizza, it’s not complete garbage.


I was still a bit hungry, so I baked a Totino’s Party Pizza too. The Totino’s is noticeably smaller, but has a lot more cheese and a bit better crust. Hard to say which is the better pizza overall.

Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni

With the possible exception of the Little Caesar’s Hot-and-Ready pizza, the Red Baron Classic Crust is probably the food I’ve had more of than anything else in my life. Red Baron never disappoints with a good selection of quality frozen pizzas.

This one is just as good as always, with the perfect amount of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.