Walmart Marketplace Pepperoni Pizza

I went into this one with fairly low expectations. Even up to the point where I was cutting the pizza, I didn’t think it was going to be very good. Surprisingly though, it’s not bad!

For $3.50 or so, this pizza is an excellent value. The amount of pepperoni on the pizza is more than that of even a typical Dominos or Pizza Hut double pepperoni pizza, and for a fraction of the price. The toppings and crust are definitely a bit cheap, but for what you’re paying, this is a really good pizza. Personally, I’ll probably stick with Red Baron as my go-to classic pepperoni, but if you want something cheaper and still pretty good, this is an excellent option.

After a couple slices, I could not eat any more of this. It was far too greasy and cheap tasting, and not in a good way like some pizzas. Just buy a 4-pack of Totino’s pizzas instead and you’ll be far better off.

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